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Another day closer to my exhibition and feeling less stressed 😩 I just have to finish labels struggle over prices! For now I’m off to the studio to paint a still life I set up yesterday, so wish me luck it just might just turn up in the exhibition! Thank you for joining my blog I hope that it will provide an insight into my art practice which I am so passionate about!

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We’ll I rose early today so much to do for the exhibition still! Makes you wonder why you put yourself out there but as a passionate artist, what else do you do? No good having work sitting in the studio when art and creativity is to be shared and I hope enjoyed! So here it is finished artist statement and revamped my cv, working on label, unfibushed! Now I’m getting ready to teach this afternoon I’m lucky I have lovely girls, so looking forward to a fun afternoon! Well this is all for now! Hope you day is fab so far 😊

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