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It‘s been a challenging time for all of us and just when we think we are on top of this Covid-19 it rears it’s ugly head again!

We all need to stay positive and support each other knowing we will get through this!

Next week Studio classes resume at Fire Shed Studio.

That is, at this time, depending on any new government restrictions!

For new students please contact me regarding Term 3 by email at

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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Today is another day in isolation and like everyone else worried about our loved ones and what’s happening all over the world! We have to face the fact that some things are just out of our control! I bet there is many who have faced a time in there lives already when things were out of their control and people’s actions affected them deeply! There is always going to be times beyond our control but it’s how we come out at the end that is important! How do we maintain our mental health? Now it is important as never before, we are not designed for isolation! I have found in my life that when I’m at my lowest it’s those who love me unconditionally and my love of all things creative that get me through the hard times!I think it’s so important now to keep busy, occupied and moving forward! To this end I’ve started a step by step painting in watercolour series for my students and for anyone who is interested! This is an invitation to join our Wednesday painting group! Photo’s and instructions I will send out once a week ( you can do them anytime). The painting here is this weeks, so if you would like to paint it, contact me for the step by step instruction! Stay safe, look out for one another and happy painting!

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I‘ve been trying to write this post for a while! This is the third attempt and just thinking about last term and how crazy it got towards the end of last year with classes and the exhibition! All the preparation, painting, printing, planning that goes into a solo exhibition and was it all worth it! Hell yes, looking back now I’m so glad I pushed myself and very thankful about all the support I received from Bill who always believes in me, and my dear friend Penny who curated for me and so much more! The opening I was in a turmoil! What if no one comes and you know all those thoughts that go through your mind. Well the opening was amazing and I still feel very humble with all the support it was just a great relief to see so many come along, thank you all! 😀

So here we are a new year, new term, new challenges, new friends to meet, old friends to catch up with, new pictures to paint, new prints to print and another creative year to explore and experience! I hope this year will bring you many challenges and much joy as you follow your creative journey and if you like to, follow along with me your very welcome!

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