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It‘s been a challenging time for all of us and just when we think we are on top of this Covid-19 it rears it’s ugly head again!

We all need to stay positive and support each other knowing we will get through this!

Next week Studio classes resume at Fire Shed Studio.

That is, at this time, depending on any new government restrictions!

For new students please contact me regarding Term 3 by email at

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It's been along time since I wrote on here! Like since Covid!! I've had a lot happening with classes, exhibitions and family! So nothing like being busy, that's me, always on the go but hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love teaching and seeing my students grow in confidence and techniques, that's very gratifying and worth more than anything!

Lately in my own practise I've been enjoying working with mixed media, alcohol inks, watercolour inks, collage and loving the results! Nothing like just feeling free to experiment, break the rules and enjoy the process! I'm going to share my mixed media processes in a new workshop coming up at the Bowral Art Gallery in August! Details on their website for bookings!

I've uploaded one of my new alcohol ink paintings on website, oh, and some sola plates, so hope you enjoy!

On my next blog I'll share some of my techniques for you to try! Next week!!

Until then happy painting !

Patti 😊

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It's been too long since my last blog, so time for a review! Time flys by so fast I can't keep up!! Recently I've taken part in All Things Great are Small at our new exhibition space at Redford Park, Bowral. The exhibition was a great success and will be back there in December! February I took part in the exhibition 'Attune' at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong. What a beautiful and creative exhibition, so proud of all who exhibited. Coming up at Ngununggula, is 'Belonging' l Tjoritjarinja, an exhibition featuring Southern Highland Printmakers in conjunction with

Many Hands Art Centre Artists. This another exhibition not to be missed, opening between 5 - 7 pm on the 25th March - 21st May mark this in your diary and hope to see you come along!

That's all for now!


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